Laura holds regular Therapeutic Yoga classes, Yoga-Sound integration classes and Breathwork classes with an inward focus of being.  These classes lead students into a deeper listening, connecting with their own body wisdom and healing.  Classes integrate stability (sthiram) and ease (sukham) through gentle and strengthening asana, deep relaxation in restorative postures, breath and energy work, guided meditation, and permission to be at witness.  They are held in a series or workshop style and include her popular YOGA FOR BACK CARE classes, the new yoga-sound integration series Finding Voice, and Breathwork for Healing & Vitality workshop.   Join one of her many popular classes!

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yoga for back care

The YOGA FOR BACK CARE classes are designed for individuals with back concerns as well as great for those simply wishing to strengthen and nourish their spine and experience a class that is based in breath and core awareness.  Each of her two classes navigates through the gross and subtle body to find optimal back health - CORE & Restore YOGA FOR BACK CARE, and Chakra YOGA FOR BACK CARE.


breathwork for healing & vitality

Breathwork is a powerful therapeutic tool which utilizes the breath in a variety of different ways to positively influence and improve one's physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health.  Laura will share various Breathwork techniques, and discuss benefits and the many ways it can be incorpoated into your daily life! 


Healing with the Chakras

Raise the potential your body has for healing by awakening and aligning your subtle body in this therapeutic journey with the Chakras.  This class will guide participants through a different Chakra each week, using therapeutic tools to more deeply attune to the particular qualities and functions. 


Finding voice

In this class Laura integrates the yogic tools of chanting, breathwork, movement and self-reflection, with her formal training in classical voice and jazz, and experiences performing in a band.  Be one of the many people this class has helped connect with their inner and expressive voices! 



A yogic approach to the somatic exploration of voice, movement, and sound frequency. 
Join us in this afternoon of embodiment using sound as the vehicle to dive more deeply into self.  Vocal exploration, simple chanting, silence, healing instrumental frequency, sound bath immersion - all explored within gentle movement and stillness.  Come explore, connect and BE. 

A collaborative experience created by Laura Knutson, Yoga Therapist and Séan Levahn, Sound Adventurer.