Laura Knutson


Laura Knutson


Helping people connect with themselves, and their healing and highest potential



Yoga Therapy

As a certified Yoga Therapist and licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Laura's gift and passion is integrating the east and west modalities of healing to suit each individuals needs.  Private Yoga Therapy sessions with Laura incorporate a variety of tools which can help support and deepen your healing process and help you achieve your highest potential.  Meet with her privately to customize a home practice to help you meet your multidimensional needs and desires. 


Finding Voice

Connect with your inner and expressive voice using Yoga, chanting, journaling and singing!



Yoga & Breathwork Classes

Laura holds regular Therapeutic Yoga classes and Breathwork classes with an inward focus of being.  These classes lead students into a deeper listening, connecting with their own body wisdom and healing. Classes integrate physical and mental stability (sthiram) and ease (sukham), and are held in a series or workshop style and include CORE & Restore Yoga, Chakra YOGA FOR BACK CARE, Breathwork for Healing & Vitality, Restorative Yoga & Meditation.   Join one of her many popular classes!

I had been ‘doing’ yoga for many years when I had the great fortune to step into Laura’s class. She showed me the true meaning of ‘practice’, of slowing down, of breathing. With grace and expertise she taught me that yoga isn’t just of series of postures done for exercise, but an opportunity to connect with self while benefiting every cell of the body. Thank you Laura. Yoga has changed my life.