Gratitudes & Resources

A list of some of Laura's mentors, community resources and support systems that have helped her along the way.  Plus some links you may find useful in your own journey. 


Thank You's 

my mentors

  • The Krishnamacharya lineage - which I am grateful and honored to have directly received teachings from.

  • Kate Holcombe - At Healing Yoga Foundation, who gave me loving guidance and support in my personal journey and evolution as a Yoga Therapist.

  • Michele Jang - My mentor at Spirit Winds Physical Therapy. It is with great privilege I get to directly learn from and receive her wisdom, her healing touch, and her guidance in holistic and integrative Physical Therapy.

  • Edward Ghiringhelli - my papa who inspired me to go into Physical Therapy as a profession.

  • Julie Nevison - along with my parents, Julie has served as a mommy mentor to me. Her coaching, called Aware Parents, Aware Kids, teaches parents to consciously connect with themselves and their children - she helped me during the tough transition of bringing a second baby into our lives (and the disconnect with older sis). My training of Access Consciousness tools and Access BARS sessions is with her.

  • Peter Sterios - My revered yoga teacher who taught me how to use the mat as a space to listen to my own wisdom.

community - gratitudes and Resources

Gratitudes to the amazing community of local healers and people who have supported me on my journey and whom I regularly work together with to refer and support others healing.  There are many more not on this list - if you would like my reference please just let me know what you are interested in and I probably know someone who can help you!

  • Lee Ann Vermeulen - a Life Coach for creative people. I worked with her last year and found tremendous leaps and bounds in my personal growth and visioning for my future, as well as received deep and loving support.

  • Tawny Sterios - for her sisterhood and listening partnership, retreat collaboration, women circles, intuitive yoga and gorgeous presence in my life. She is also a doula and inspiring feminine leader and supporter.

  • JP Maddex - a vocal coach who I have had the fortune to work with for the last year and plan to continue to work with as I have found wonderful guidance, improved ability and support through his work.

  • Bethany Collins - my beloved band mate and best friend, but also talented Children's Music Teacher and Essential Oil Goddess.

  • Molly Mahar - for her inspiring work as a life coach, helping me to pick and support my yearly themes in her program, Holiday Council.

  • Lara Day - she offers the most amazing qigong I have experienced - it's like "taking a bath in chi (energy)". She also offers traumatic release, very powerful and deep healing work.

  • Ann-Marie Blanchard, L.Ac - her healing acupuncture has helped me with all kinds of issues ranging from insomnia to joint pain and digestive imbalances. A wonderful healer.

  • Lisa Essence, LMT - a Massage Therapist integrating Esalen, Lomi Lomi, and Craniosacral techniques whom I have referred many people to. I found her healing massage to be therapeutic and very nurturing, relaxing and pleasurable. Like resting in a cloud...

  • Cynthia Russik, LMT - she is versed in a wide range of Massage Therapy techniques ranging from Thai to swedish to crainiosacral to energy work, and intuitively knows how to read the exact needs of your body. I have received from and referred to her countless times. Very healing and therapeutic.

  • Victoria O-Tool, LMT - a talented Massage Therapist with a consistent and healing touch whom I have received from and referred to countless times.

  • Lori Walters, LMT - wonderful Massage Therapist whom specializes in Myofasical Release as taught by John Barnes. I have received from and referred to her countless times.

  • Ecstatic Dance Community - a group of volunteers who bring the opportunity to experience free-form movement in a safe and loving space.

  • Michelle Marie Kilcoyne, LCSW - at Insight Somatics, she is a beautiful Somatic Therapist who facilities guided ecstatic dance classes and works individually with people using a range of healing modalities.

  • Brooke West, BSc, C-IAYT, certified Yoga Therapist - who has made it her life work to educate about, research and support people on a journey with Mental Health. She has lovely therapeutic and restorative classes and is often a referral source for people looking for similar work to mine.

  • Sean Levahn - a beautiful human and Sound Healer who offers sound baths as a mode of healing and deep restoration - wonderful transformative experience!

  • Billea O'Doan - who introduced me to Essential Oils, allowing me the ability to care for my families health and safe cleaning of my home in a natural way.

  • Kirsten - at the Secret Garden, who has supported my health over the years with her healing herbs.

  • Virginia at Vert Foods - who has taught me how to cook with whole foods and use food as medicine. She has classes and a food service and is amazing as what she does!

  • Carolyn Eicher - a beautiful person and Photographer whom I have had the delight to get to know and work with. I am honored to display her gorgeous work of me and my family here on this website.


Family and friends

To all my family, friends and yoga sanga from across the globe (you know who you are!), especially my friends who I most regularly connect with to support one another, to my parents and all their loving years of care and support, and to my husband and children who are my biggest support and most cherished humans of all!!


Some favorite links you may find useful

•Spirit Winds Physical Therapy

•Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation

•Surya Chandra Healing Yoga School

•Healing Yoga Foundation 

•The International Association of Yoga Therapists

•Santa Barbara Yoga Center

•Amy Wheeler - online Yoga Therapy resources

•Green Yoga Association 

•Yoga Anatomy

•The Breathing Project 

•Core Awareness (the Psoas) 

•Myofasical Release with John Barns

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