My son recommended Laura to me to help with my arthritis issues, saying that she had the most healing touch of any yoga teacher he had ever had. He was right. Laura’s Back Care classes are wonderful for people of any age, with almost any disability. Laura encourages us to do our best, but to always be mindful of our limits. There is never any competition in class about who can go the farthest or do the most. We all feel lovingly supported in what we do there. Her yoga and Physical Therapy techniques are helping me to keep moving into my 70’s.

I’ve had many yoga teachers in San Luis Obispo in the past 40 years and Laura is my favorite. I took her flow class many years ago and I loved it. I spoke with another student of hers yesterday and she had the same response. More recently, I’ve taken her restorative classes. I always appreciate her guidance in achieving proper positioning and maximizing the benefits. You can’t go wrong with Laura!
— Phil Wagner

Laura and I have worked together for nearly 10 years. I have taken open group classes from her, special group workshops and have utilized her services for private sessions. I began teaching yoga about 6 years ago, and when I have a student who’s needs go beyond my experience, I recommend they contact Laura for further, more in-depth assistance. Laura’s education, maturity and demeanor cause me to use her exclusively as a referral for my students as well as myself as her student in ongoing settings. Laura’s personal style is well suited for
the first time student as well as the long time practitioner. I happily recommend Laura for anyone.
— Cheryl McCollum

Laura is a first-rate yoga instructor. We practiced Iyengar yoga for five years before moving to San Luis Obispo. Although not an Iyengar instructor, Laura focuses on holding poses and attaining the correct positioning for poses. Her classes are beautifully sequenced, building strength and flexibility. As a Physical Therapist Assistant, Laura is particularly knowledgeable about anatomy, and she knows how to work specific muscle groups, while avoiding injury. Her back classes are excellent—designed to build core strength without compromising the back at any point.
— Bruce Loeffler

Laura is the perfect yoga instructor for those who are challenged with body limitations. Her style is positive, patient and instructive. Laura guides her students in building a foundation of body strength that facilitates both mental and physical healing. I wholeheartedly recommend Laura’s yoga classes to anyone seeking a new path to healing.
— Elizabeth Loew

I have been taking yoga classes with Laura for over 10 years. All of Laura’s classes have been wonderful and I have appreciated the dedication and the focus on technique along with the background information provided in support of her teachings. Laura’s yoga classes have been an important aspect of my conditioning, flexibility and balance that support my weekly fitness routines of spinning classes, master’s swimming and karate.
— Thomas Fowler

Laura is anything but an ordinary yoga teacher. She is compassionate, kind, and supportive and extremely knowledgable about anatomy and movement. I’ve attended Laura’s yoga class on and off for 8 years and have been to Laura as a Physical Therapist Assistant as well. I have a tendency for self injury and fibromyalgia type pain. Laura’s yoga classes help keep my body feeling its best. Her classes are quiet, calming, slow, gentle, and healing. They help me build muscle, while at the same time loosening the knots and tension that I tend to accumulate. Overall, I feel significantly better when I’m attending Laura’s classes than at times when I am not. If you have a body that needs extra care, I highly recommend Laura. She is the best yoga teacher I’ve found here in San Luis Obispo.
— Debra