Yoga for Back Care is a unique set of classes which Laura designed from her work as a Physical Therapist Assistant and as a Yoga Therapist.  As a Yoga instructor at multiple studios in town, she saw the need for a more therapeutic-style class, specifically for people with back concerns.  She developed Intro to Yoga for Back Care which provides in-depth education about the back and body mechanics,   blending exercises and techniques she uses in both the PT clinic and uses as a Yoga Therapist, learned in the Yoga Therapy clinic in India (the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram).  The classes range from the fundamentals in the Intro series and workshop, to more physically challenging poses and advanced pranayama/ meditation techniques in the Continuing Chakra series. 

Laura uses many of these same techniques in her own Yoga practice as she has suffered from back pain on and off throughout the years.  Many of her students claim to have found relief from pain, increased strength and mobility, increased confidence, and overall improved function in both their backs and in their lives.  See Student Testimonials.  Yoga for Back Care is particularly effective in that it not only provides specific exercises for ones back, but that it addresses the whole person - body, breath, mind, spirit.  When we can make deep changes throughout, they are more powerful and more lasting, affecting our entire wellbeing!  Please feel free to join a class to see what it’s all about!

Each of the YOGA FOR BACK CARE classes are therapeutic based, meaning they move at a slow and gentle pace, have a focus on those with back concerns, and will have a variety of options for the different needs of the people in the class (ranging from more gentle or alternate positioning, to more challenging as ready).  The classes each focus on breath-work useful for altering the nervous system and the effects of pain, and appropriate and effective stretches for back health.  They are great for all levels and abilities, particularly people with back pain, injury*, herniated discs*, sciatica*, etc. (*please consult doctor before attending).  They are also open to preventative-minded people without current back conditions who would like to experience a class that at its foundation is centered around core and breath awareness.


Class Descriptions

core and restore yoga for back care series

At Spirit Winds Physical Therapy in SLO

Come explore and more deeply embody your "core" through strengthening and stabilizing sequences, gentle stretching and restorative postures, and breath work designed to tap you into the life of energy supporting and sustaining you from within. Each week we will focus on one of the 5 vayus, or energetic zones. Each vayu has a different quality and function and can act to build "core strength" from the deepest level. 

Aug 12th - Sept 16th (no class 9/2)
Mondays 6:15-7:30 pm
5 week series
  -  $70


At Harmony House Yoga in Pismo Beach

Each week highlights a different chakra, exploring the subtle and gross anatomy in reference to holistic back health.  Foundational core work, deep relaxation and more in-depth meditations and breathing practices can be expected in this class.  Weekly homework and sample take home practices included! 

Sept 3rd - Oct 22nd
Tuesdays 12:30-1:45pm
8 week series
  -  $120


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I suffer from lower back pain to due to a spinal fusion at L4 L5. My pain, coupled with the fact that I am male and had never done yoga before made me terrified to try it. I heard about Laura’s INTRO FOR BACK CARE class through a friend and reluctantly decided to give it a try. The moment I met Laura her smile and demeanor put me at ease. Her classes are perfect for those of us with injuries as she provides alternative positions for restrictive poses and encourages movement at your own pace. Thank you Laura for helping to build my confidence back!
I have participated in several Yoga for Back Care classes with Laura and very much appreciate her unique approach to yoga, having been involved in yoga practice for more than 30 years. Laura has strengthened my awareness of the deep connection between breath and movement, helped me focus on chakra energy for working through back and leg pain, and has a clear understanding of the body and the needs of her students. I love being able to move slowly and thoughtfully in her classes, and allow myself to heal.
— Cricket Handler