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A Yogic approach to the somatic exploration of voice, movement and sound frequency

Sound is made of vibration. When we can consciously connect with the somatic experience of sound vibration, whether coming from our own voice or from healing instruments (gongs, singing bowls, rain sticks, drums and more), we can begin to tune in to the vibration of our deepest being. We distill beyond obstacles of body, mind and external influences and connect with our deepest most intimate selves, gaining us access to our healing and highest potential. This afternoon of embodiment will progress from a more active exploration using a combination of gentle yoga, vocal play, simple chanting, sounding instruments, and silence into receptive stillness, guided meditation and healing vibrational sounds in restorative postures and eventually into a deeply restful savasana for a full immersion sound bath. If you have never experienced this, I highly encourage you to join! Your body and being will thank you.

Not currently in session.

Check back or contact Laura for further inquiry.

Beautiful workshop! One of the best I’ve been to, ever!
— Robyn