The intention of this “Love Collective” is to be a place where we can all share and receive love. I envision this a public space where people can post pictures of hearts they find, memes on love they resonate with, or what ever love related images or literature they want to share, or they can share moments where love inspired them or was given to them, etc... Let’s all inspire and shower each other in the love we see and experience in our lives! Goodness knows we could all use more love. One of the most regular pieces of feedback that I received from doing my 365 days of love last year was that people enjoyed seeing uplifting images and messages of love amongst their feed. With how much negative or heavy information circulating we need reminders of love and positivity to keep us balanced.

So please feel free to invite as many of your friends as you wish to the public space. Make it your own. Let’s see how many people we can get involved in this simple mission of collecting and generating love!


And check out some of Laura favorite heart photos from her vast collection from her 365 Days of Love project in 2017.  See love, spread love, be love!

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.
— Rumi