Breathwork & Restorative Yoga Classes


Not currently in session. Check back or contact Laura for further inquiry.



Breathwork is a powerful therapeutic tool which utilizes the breath in a variety of different ways to positively influence and improve one's physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health. 


Join us for a morning of breathing, gentle movement and some guided
visualization.  We will be seated in chairs so all are welcome whom wish to
improve their health and wellbeing by improving their relationship with their
breath!  Laura will discuss various Breathwork techniques, its benefits, and the many ways it can be incorporated into your daily life. In particular we will be exploring basic breath ratios and various applications of alternate nostril breathing, and learning why they are helpful.  You will also receive home handouts and ways to personalize these techniques as to your individual needs.  We look forward to breathing with you!




Restorative yoga is in the same family as an ancient Yogic practice called Yoga Nidra where a sleep like consciousness is induced through guided verbal instruction.   This class also blends breath-work, meditative focus, various passive positions and some intuitive led fluid movement, all designed to cultivate deep relaxation and inward connection.

 Practice supported yet stimulating postures designed to release habitual tension and increase self-reflective awareness.  Great for recovery from illness or injury but students of all levels and backgrounds can benefit from this class.  Meditation and pranayama will conclude the last half hour of the evening.  **Please bring  3-4 blankets/ pillows.


Laura provides thoughtful, calm, and caring instruction that makes yoga restorative and rejuvenating! Having taken many classes from different teachers, she is by far one of the best instructors we’ve experienced in San Luis Obispo or elsewhere.