Finding Voice

Explore, enliven and share your voice!

Do you feel like you have trouble expressing yourself or joining conversations? Does your heart race or you feel short of breath when you are in a position where you are being vulnerable to be seen or be heard? Or maybe you have a desire or message in your heart you can't quite identify or act on? Do you long to sing, speak, or communicate freely, confidently and expressively?  Or do you just love to sing and wish to connect deeper with yourself and engage with community?  If any of these questions resonate then this is the class for you!

 Please join me in this exciting new class, a supportive group environment to help find and free our inner and expressive voices! Now more than ever our voices need to be heard.  We all have wisdom to share.  Learn ways to speak from your heart and your truth to not only meet your fullest potential, but to help raise one another up.  In this class we will be embarking on a journey of discovery using yoga, chanting, singing, and journaling amongst other explorations to tap into our body wisdom and inner energetic alignment to find “home” for our voice. Lets support one another on this journey inward, outward, and beyond.

The inspiration for this class...

This class is close to Laura's heart as it is basically a sharing of her journey back to her inner and expressive voice after years of disconnection.  She has found personal healing, guidance and inspiration from weaving the self-connecting and nourishing yogic practices she has come to know and love, with her love of music and song. This class is an integration of the tools she has learned in her classical training of opera, jazz and musical theater, with the yogic tools of breath work, chanting and meditation. She is delighted to be sharing these transformative tools with others!  She feels we all have a voice, big or small, and can better serve humanity if that voice is free to be expressed.

Not currently in session.

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A safe space and a good group where expression was welcomed and celebrated. Laura so easily allows for the connection between people with her openness, kindness and awareness. For me, the class was fun, informative, joyful and a place where I could set aside my need to be invisible.
— grace
I resonated with the essence of the class to help find my voice to speak truth. I think as a women, I have leaned to moderate the expression of my thoughts and feelings. This class was an opportunity to safely explore what it feels like to “cry out” from a deep place of unknowing and maybe not even understanding but still allowing voice. Combined with stimulating the different chakras through beautifully guided yoga movement, it became an all encompassing experience of body and spirit. I especially enjoyed the singing together and the free form movement we did at the end of each class. It felt joyful, unifying and empowering. And it was the dessert of the class after doing the deeper, more soulful work.
— Helen
Even months after the class, I find myself putting my “voice” forward in ways that keep me healthy in mind and body. This is not always easy but is essential when caring for a partner with disabilities. The class also gave me renewed respect for how voices express themselves in myself and others - singing, speaking opinions, writing, carving out time for my own yoga practice, making myself happy taking care of my garden. I especially loved the writing parts of the class, along with the movement, singing, and talking.
— wendy
It only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche.
— Dianna Hardy