Laura Knutson

Women's Fall Camping Retreat in Big Sur    

Not currently scheduled



About the Retreat

This weekend retreat hosted at a private property in the serene yet rugged landscape of BIG SUR will be an escape into sisterhood, nature time, self-exploration and celebration. The accommodations are rustic. Think vision quest in nature—you have your essentials... healing land, water (there is a river that runs throughout the property), fire, sun, fresh air, ocean, forest, sisters and compostable toilets! There is one shower and one outdoor tub for us to use!

Join us for this gathering in a unique setting to unwind and reconnect with self and nature. Invest in yourself, in plenty of relaxation, self-exploration, adventure and transformation! Embrace the change in seasons by slowing down enough to feel them.

Tawny will be our leader, guiding you and supporting you through an incredible journey of deep connection, play and empowerment.  I will be supporting through sharing the gifts of yoga and song throughout the weekend. There will be a fun mix of daily led group movement, guided meditation + breathing, group sharing, downtime, nature appreciation and community support. Optional hikes + beach outings available.

Yoga | Releasing Ceremonies | Dance | Sweat Lodge | Journaling | Nature | Sisterhood


WHAT to bring:

  • Sleeping bag, sleeping pad & pillow

  • Your own food for the weekend

  • Comfortable clothes + bathing suit + towel, warm clothes, cool clothes too

  • Sunblock, oils, lotions, face masks

  • Journal & pen, book to read

  • Headlamp or flashlight

  • Wood for the fire if it's easy to bring

  • Openess to what unfolds

There are 2 Tipi’s on site:

∆ Moon Tipi: 8 sisters
∆ Water Tipi: 4 sisters
∆ Bring your own tent: 5 sisters

Please let us know your preference and we will do our best to accommodate.